Cash Flow: Welcome to the Music Business

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Product Overview

Cash Flow: Welcome to the Music Business is a compelling and thought provoking guide to the entrepreneurial nature of the music business. Topics include: music industry overview, with a review of jobs in the music business; how to create, employ, and maintain a solid business plan; keen insight on marketing and promotion in today’s digital world; useful resources for achieving success; and much more. The companion DVD includes a behind the scenes discussion with Steffen Franz (President & Founder of The Independent Distribution Collective) and Gregory J. Gordon (CEO & Founder of Pyramind) and supporting documentation for independent artists seeking to build their plan for success. Every chapter in the series includes helpful and informative ""€œCoaches Corner” and “Tech-Speak” learning aid segments. Also included are full color, easy-to-understand technical specs charts, waveform graphs, and DAW screen shots. The companion DVDs provide supporting audio and video examples that are playable in a DVD player or computer. ©2011, Book & DVD