Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride

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VERSION: Piano/Vocal/Chords Country music" s golden girl Carrie Underwood is better than ever with her second album, Carnival Ride. The American Idol" champion and Grammy Award winner has been on a ride all her own, singing her way to the top of the charts since her debut release of Some Hearts. Carrie" s latest hits feature an array of hits including the No. 1 single "So Small." This album-matching folio to Carrie" s latest release, Carnival Ride. Music includes lyrics, melody line, and chord changes with professionally arranged piano accompaniment. Titles: All-American Girl * Crazy Dreams * Flat on the Floor * Get Out of This Town * I Know You Won't * I Told You So * Just a Dream * Last Name * The More Boys I Meet * So Small * Twisted * You Won't Find This * Wheel of the World. ©2007.