Careers in Technical Theater

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Discover exciting career possibilities behind the scenes. Want to make it big on Broadway , as a techie? Or how about working in smaller regional theater? Careers in Technical Theater explains more than twenty different careers from the perspective of successful theater artists. Included are specialties that have been around for decades, as well as those still emerging in the field. Concise information is provided on job duties, estimated earnings, recommended training, examples of career paths, and the insights are given of working pros in management, scenery, audio/visual, costumes, video and projection, engineering, and theatrical systems. There's even a detailed appendix on finding on-the-job training as an intern, apprentice, or paid worker. For anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes life in the theater, Careers in Technical Theater is a priceless resource.
  • Examines twenty careers, old and new
  • Includes unique, detailed insights from working pros in every field
  • Information on getting on-the-job training as an intern, apprentice, or paid employee Mike Lawler's life in the theater has taken him around the country and found him toiling as a master electrician, scenic carpenter, shop foreman, stagehand, scenic painter, crew supervisor, and stage manager. He lives in Austin, Texas. ©2007, 256 pages.
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