Cape Breton -Traditional Style Fiddle Sets with Guitar Tablature

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This book is a definitive documentation of Cape Breton-style fiddle music. Techniques specific to the style are touched on and many sets (groups of tunes - listening tunes, dance tunes, or a combination thereof - performed in a specific order) are included. Presented are the melodies, chords, and guitar tablature. ""©2011, 120 pages. Songlist: (George) Rose Wood (of Aberdeen) (Jig) "" 3 Tempo Jig "" A Cape Breton Jig "" A Cassie MacIntyre Jig "" Alistair""€™s “No Great Mischief” Jig As a Thoiseach [Keep It Up] (Reel) "" Bodachan a Garie (Reel) "" Bog an Lochan (Strathspey) "" Buddy MacMaster""€™s Jig Captain Campbell (Strathspey) "" Colonel McBain (Reel) "" Colonel Thornton (Reel) "" Crossing to Ireland (Waltz) "" Cutting Ferns (Strathspey) "" Daft Willie Dawson (Strathspey) "" Donald Angus Beaton""€™s Jig Doug MacPhee""€™s Jig Duke of Perth (Reel) "" Duncan on the Plainstones (Reel) "" Dusky Meadow (Strathspey) "" Farewell to the Tay (Jig) "" Father John Hugh MacEachern""€™s Reel Findlay Walker""€™s Jig Fingal""€™s Cave (March) Georgie Leadbeater""€™s Jig Gravel Walk (Reel) "" Hamish the Carpenter (Reel) "" Highlander""€™s Jig Hills of Glenorchy (Jig) "" Homeward Bound (Reel) "" Huntingtone Castle (Slow Air) "" I Lost My Love (Jig) "" I""€™ll Go Over the Mountain (Reel) Jenny Dang the Weaver (Reel) "" John Donald Cameron (Jig) "" John Fred MacLean""€™s Strathspey John of Badenyon (Reel) "" Judique Jig "" King George the Fourth (Strathspey) "" Lochiel""€™s Awa to France (Reel) Lochnagar (Strathspey) "" Lord Kelly (Strathspey) "" Lucy""€™s Jig Margaret MacPhee""€™s Trip to Toronto (Jig) McFarlane""€™s Delight (Jig) Mike""€™s Jig Miss Lyall Strathspey "" Mrs. MacLeod Raasay (Reel) "" Needfire Reel "" Paddie""€™s Resource (Jig) Paresis (Reel) "" Peter Warner (Jig) "" Put Me in the Big Chest (Reel) "" Road to Skye (Jig) "" Sandy MacIntyre""€™s Reel Scotty Fitzgerald""€™s Jig Sir David Davidson of Cantray (Reel) "" Stool of Repentence (Jig) "" Stumpie (Strathspey) "" The Autocrat (Hornpipe) "" The Dean Brig O""€™Edinburgh (Slow Air) The Dougal Creature (Jig) "" The Ewie Wi""€™ the Crookit Horn (Strathspey) The High Road to Linton (Reel) "" The King""€™s Reel The Laddie with the Pladdie (Strathspey) "" The Nine Pint Coggie (Reel) "" The Old King""€™s Reel The Pigeon on the Gate (Reel) "" The Recluse (Hornpipe) "" The Sow""€™s Tail (Strathspey) The Trippers (Jig) "" The Warlocks (Strathspey) "" There Cam""€™ a Young Man (Jig) Walking the Floor (Jig) "" West Mabou Reel "" Wha""€™ll Be King but Charlie (Jig) Winston Fitzerald""€™s Jig