Canta Conmigo - Sing with Me DVD

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Canta Conmigo - Sing with Me DVD features course and exercises for vocal technique development and improvement. Working a song, chorus, harmonies, improvisation and much more Contents: Basic principales of vocal technique Body Anatomy, knowledge of the vocal instrument Body relax exercises Breathing and exercises Vibrato and Falsetto Tessitura Registers, notes to go from one register to the other one Vocal resonation Facial Gymnastics explanation Spoken exercises, sung vocalization, training and vocal gymnastics, tuning Singing with the microphone How to work a song Soloist voice Choorus and harmonies Improvisation: explanation and exercises (Major Tones, Minor Keys, Rock and Roll, Funky) Nerves and stage fear Tips for voice care, benefitial habits, risky habits Singer's first-aid kit Voice pathologies ""©2011, Booklet & DVD