Canadian Fiddle Tunes

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This Book & CD pack features 60 Traditional Fiddle Tunes.

This collection covers a range of regional styles from Celtic, French Canadian, and Métis to the music of Newfoundland and more. Performance notes and a CD of full performances included.

For intermediate violinists.

Songs Include:

Newfoundland: Sam's Jig
The Captain and his Whiskers
Banks of Newfoundland
Round Old Rub's Garden
I Got a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue
Emile's Reel
Cape Breton: Dusky Meadow
Sandy Cameron
My Brother's Letter
West Mabou Reel
Old Time Wedding Reel No. 1
Old Time Wedding Reel No. 2
Old Time Wedding Reel No. 3
The Munster Lass
Light and Airy
The Old Dutch Churn
Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick: Jerome's Farewell to Gibraltar
Homeward Bound
The Moccasin Shuffle
The Brae Reel
The Miramichi Fire
La Marmotteuse
The Mouth of the River Tovique
Old-Time, Down East: The Westphalia Waltz
John A. Cameron's Jig
Chirning Butter
The Avon Breakdown
Lou Sullivan's Breakdown
The Varsouvianna
Blackberry Quadrille/Reel
The Flowers of Edinburgh
Clarinet Polka
Circassian Circle
Seven Step Polka
French-Canadian: Valse des Bebes
Valse des Nations
Reel de Ste-Anne
Monkey Musik
Reel du Pendu
Le Brandy
La Grande Gigue Simple
La Bastingue
Reel de Rimouski
Les Joyeuse Quebecoise
Reel Béatrice
La Belle Catherine
Reel de Pointe-au-Pic
Métis: Red River Jig 1
Red River Jig 2
Archie Linklater's Handkerchief Dance
Charlie Peter Charlie's Rabbit Dance
Old Crow Duck Dance
Crooked Stove Pipe
Ukrainian: Dowbush Koszak
Kolomayka No. 2
Bandura Waltz
Western: Cabri Waltz
Kitty O'Neil
Qu'Appelle Valley Breakdown

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