Business and Fundamentals of Music Production

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This book contains everything you need to know about the business of music production from the creative aspect or publishing your own music to working with major record labels and creating your own boutique independent label. Music production is more than a hobby; this outlet has created a plethora of self-made Multi-Millionaires. Contributing to over 40 million records sold and 42 RIAA certifications for Record Production, Composing, and Mixing, veteran Bad Boy Records Hit maker and Educator, Tony Dofat has documented the manual to become the next music mogul. This textbook was written to dissect commercial record production and guide the next young and passionate musicians to the road of music success.

Table Of Contents:

Acknowledgements; Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1 What is a music producer; Chapter 2 Terms of music production; Chapter 3 Positions of music production; Chapter 4 The recording budget; Chapter 5 Production agreements; Chapter 6 Producer advance and royalties; Chapter 7 Songwriting; Chapter 8 The remix; Chapter 9 Publishing, copyright, and sampling; Chapter 10 Becoming a music producer; Chapter 11 Breach and contract violations; Chapter 12 The record label; Chapter 13 The 360 deal; Chapter 14 The independent record label; Chapter 15 The digital era; Chapter 16 Recording; Chapter 17 Mixing; Chapter 18 Mastering; Chapter 19 Industry quotes; Biography; Visual Memoir; Discography; Glossary.

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