Brushworks - The DVD

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This is the most comprehensive DVD on the subject of brush playing ever produced. Clayton Cameron reveals the secrets and techniques of good brushwork in a DVD that should be on every drummer's shelf. Noted as one of the world's most insightful brush players in the business, Clayton Cameron, who has been called "genius" by drummer Max Roach and is known as The Brush Master throughout the industry. Cameron gives the viewer an encyclopedic survey of brushstrokes demonstrated in a step-by-step process that is clear and precise. In this extraordinary double DVD set, Clayton Cameron brings to life the methods and concepts presented in his award winning book/CD Brushworks. The DVD set features Cameron performing all of the unique brushstrokes and styles, and his codification of brush playing technique - Brush stroke rudiments. Other remarkable highlights include Cameron playing his visually extraordinary signature brushstrokes while accompanied by tap dancing legend, Chester Williams, to illustrate the relationship between the two art forms. Also included are exceptional solo presentations by Cameron and bonus performances by The Clayton Cameron Trio with Billy Childs, Piano and Joe Sanders, Brass. This DVD presents a totally encompassing experience that is sure to give the viewer a clear understanding of brush playing. Clayton has worked with a virtual list of "who's who" in the music business including pop music icons Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, B.B. King, James Taylor, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder, to name a few. He has toured with the legendary Tony Bennett for over 10 years. Mr. Bennett, an accomplished painter in his own right, has honored Cameron with the portrait that appears on the cover of the DVD. ©2006, DVD set.