Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick : KISS Forever DVD

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Product Overview

Learn 3 Decades of KISS Classics! Bob and Bruce Kulick share their technique and insight into being part of the Hottest Band In The World - KISS! Bob Kulick's contributions to KISS include KISS Alive II, KISS Killers and Paul Stanley's solo album and tour as well as various KISS songwriting credits. Bruce was the lead guitarist for KISS from 1984-1996 and has recorded and written songs with the band as well as toured the world. His work has appeared on many Platinum and Gold KISS classics such as Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade and Revenge. Features:
  • All American Man
  • Unholy
  • Tonight You Belong To Me
  • Crazy Crazy Nights
  • Nowhere To Run
  • Domino
  • Larger Than Life
  • Jungle
  • Goodbye
  • Forever
  • Learn the complete rhythms and solos
  • Includes online password access to tablature files exclusively for KISS Forever. DVD