Blues Vocals Steps 1 & 2 DVD

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Product Overview

Four programs on DVD, designed to get you singing the Blues like a true pro. On Vocal Basics: Steps One and Two, you'll learn
  • Correct breathing and mouth position
  • Vowel exercises
  • How to find your range
  • How to use your voice in different styles
  • Exercises for extending your vocal range
  • The 'chest voice' and the 'head voice'
  • How to interpret melody and make the lyrics com alive
  • How to take care of your voice Once you've learned the basics of successful and confident singing, you are ready to move on to Blue Vocals: Step One and Two
  • The Blues scale
  • The major pentatonic
  • Call-and-response style
  • How to expand your Blues phrasing
  • How to write a great Blues song
  • The chance to sing along with BB King, Albert Collins and Robben Ford. ©2005, DVD, 135 minutes