Blues Harmonica Accompaniment Playing

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Series: School of Blues

Product Number: 21385M

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-07866-9422-8

Around twenty percent of your playing time on the bandstand is spent soloing - have you studied how to play during the other eighty percent? Blues Harmonica Accompaniment Playing, within the School of the Blues Lesson Series, is an exciting journey into the art of traditional blues harmonica accompaniment (playing fills, under vocals and chording patterns) as well as modern approaches to playing horn, organ and bass lines. Additional studies cover openings, breaks and endings. This book and online audio recording is for the intermediate to advanced harmonica player. Recording includes all harmonica parts notated in the book with accompaniment music. Include access to online audio. ©2016, 48 pages


Table of Contents & About the Author
Material Needed & Harmonica Notation
Chapter 1 - Rules of the Road
Chapter 2 - Traditional Blues Harmonica Accompaniment

Section 1 - Understanding Vocal Phrasing
Section 2 - The Art of Fills
Section 3 - Playing Under the Vocals

Chapter 3 - Horn Lines

Section 1 - Horn Punches (Playing Vertically)
Section 2 - Repetitive Horn Phrasing (Playing Horizontally)
Section 3 - Organ Padding

Chapter 4 - Hooks

Sequence Worksheet

Chapter 5 - Bass Lines
Chapter 6 - Playing the Vocal Melody
Chapter 7 - Openings, Breaks & Endings

Section 1 - Openings
Section 2 - Breaks
Section 3 - Endings

Chapter 8 - Wrapping It Up

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