Blues and Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar

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Product Number: 99397M
Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-07866-9512-6
A collection of 20 different 4-bar patterns and 10 original solo compositions by one of Europe's finest guitarists. Designed for the serious fingerstyle guitar student, this book presents rhythm patterns in a wide range of moods written in standard notation and tablature, along with new concepts about blues and jazz. In the solos, beautiful and impressive melodies are paired with alternate and walking basses. An accompanying audio recording includes a demonstration of each concept and a performance of each solo. Includes access to online audio. ©2016
* Exercises 1-20       
All That Swing       Franco Morone 
Bluestudio       Franco Morone 
Crazy Basses       Franco Morone 
Funky Lines       Franco Morone 
Moonaround       Franco Morone 
Moving Song       Franco Morone 
Night Solo       Franco Morone 
Old Swing Style       Franco Morone 
Walking a One Way       Franco Morone 
Welcome       Franco Morone