Bluegrass Ukulele

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A Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Songbook Format: Softcover with CD Arranger: Fred Sokolow Bluegrass Ukulele features 21 of the most popular bluegrass songs and fiddle tunes arranged for ukulele by Fred Sokolow. Each song comes with three tablature arrangements: one arrangement where you strum the chords and sing the tune; one where you play an instrumental solo, picking the melody and strumming to fill out the rhythm; and one where you play a fingerpicking solo using banjo-type, three-finger rolls. Includes a CD with arrangements of each song played and sung by Sokolow. Songs: Careless Love, John Hardy, Old Joe Clark, Sally Goodin, Take This Hammer, Turkey in the Straw, The Wabash Cannon Ball, Wildwood Flower, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, and 12 others. ©2010, Book & CD, 48 pages.