Bluegrass on Hammered Dulcime

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Bluegrass on Hammered Dulcimer is a collection of tunes commonly found in the standard bluegrass repertoire. Favorite vocal pieces such as "A Man of Constant Sorrow, " "Angel Band, " "Keep on the Sunny Side, " and "Will the Circle be Unbroken, " are included along side hot instrumentals such as "Jerusalem Ridge, " "Rawhide, " "Big Mon, " and "Blue Grass Stomp." Even traditional tunes that you think you know already such as "Bill Cheatham, " "Farewell to Whiskey, " "Forked Deer, " and "Salty Dog" are given a new twist when presented as a typical bluegrass 'break.' Intermediate players and above will enjoy the challenge of learning more complicated versions of common tunes and performing them at the high-speed tempo that is expected in bluegrass music. Players are encouraged to use these examples of bluegrass breaks merely as a starting point. Improvisation is a key component in playing bluegrass style and players will enjoy experimenting with their own creations. Each tune has guitar chords notated above the music staff. Standard notation only. ©2009, 56 pages.