Blue Book of Electric Guitars, 10th Anniversary Edition

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Product Overview

Completely revised, this newest edition is packed full of the following features and benefits:
  • Expanded to almost 1, 100 pages, over 1, 000 electric guitar manufacturers, trademarks, and luthiers are identified and described
  • Includes complete information on almost all new makes/models and vintage electric guitars
  • Pricing has been extensively revised, including up-to-date values on vintage instruments
  • Hundreds of B&W images have been provided, making quick model identification easier
  • A revised PGS (Photo Grading System) makes guitar grading and identification simple and easy to understand
  • Serialization charts/listings have been substantially updated, allowing you to determine the year of manufacture and production totals on many popular makes/models
  • A completely updated Trademark Index provides you with the contact information on almost all current manufacturers and luthiers. ©2006, 1, 104 pages.
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