Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, 11th Edition ** Last Copy

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The guitar industry" s most comprehensive publication on acoustic guitar information and pricing has been dramatically improved! The new 11th Edition Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars is now over 700 pages, identifies over 800 guitar manufacturers, trademarks, and luthiers, and features hundreds of new images. Written by Zachary R. Fjestad and edited by S.P. Fjestad, the fully revised 11th Edition Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars keeps the reader up-to-date on new and vintage pricing, technical information on acoustic instruments, and serialization on most major trademarks. This edition lists the current and discontinued acoustic companies, contains a thoroughly revised Trademark Index with contact information, and features hundreds of black and white photos depicting popular makes and models. The 11th Edition also showcases the full color Photo Grading System- (a Blue Book Publications, Inc. exclusive!). The Photo Grading System- is the consumer" s best tool to correctly ascertain the various grades of both new and vintage acoustic instruments. These high resolution color photos enable even a novice to lock into each guitar" s unique condition factor easily and accurately, showing a variety of real world condition factors over a wide range of instrument models and configurations. Why guess when you can be sure? ©2007, 700 pages.