Billboard 1996 Music Yearbook

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With comprehensive chart data on every 1996 hit, the 1996 Music Yearbook is a complete chronicle of the true popularity of the year's charted music based on actual monitored airplay and retail sales. This all-in-one supplement to several Record Research books includes 10 complete sections, arranged by artist within each chart category. It lists all titles that debuted on Billboard's 1996 "Hot 100", Country Singles, R&B Singles, Adult Contemporary Singles, Mainstream Rock Tracks, Modern Rock Tracks, Bubbling Under The Hot 100, The Billboard 200 (pop albums), Country Albums, and R&B Album charts. Peak position, chart debut date and other data on each hit are accompanied by enlightened title notes and biographical information on new artists.Also includes detailed research on Billboard's Top Video Rentals and Top Video Sales charts, plus a time capsule of the year's events, entertainment obits and many special sections. ©1996, 240 pages.