Big Studio Secrets for Home Recording and Production

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Big Studio Secrets for Home Recording and Production. This book will teach you the technical prowess you need to make solid recordings, as well as a range of tips and tricks to make your recordings stand out in the crowd. Many famous recordings, ones that sound excellent even by current standards, were made with simpler equipment than most modern home studios have available now. You can expect to glean ideas from classic recordings, understand modern techniques, and -- with a little hard work -- create the sounds that might place your work within the next generation of influential music. You" ll learn about microphones and microphone technique; how acoustics affect recordings; how to improve your studio on a shoestring budget; how to EQ, compress, and use effects on your tracks; how to produce, arrange, and mix; and how to master your recordings. The companion CD-ROM illustrates the examples with graphics and audio, providing a hands-on approach to learning all the concepts. Table of Contents
  • 1. Introduction.
  • 2. Looking Back: A History of Recording.
  • 3. An Overview of Studio Setup, Traditional and Modern.
  • 4. Studio Space: Dealing with Limitations.
  • 5. Microphone Choice and Technique.
  • 6. Processing.
  • 7. Production.
  • 8. Arranging.
  • 9. Mixing.
  • 10. Mastering. ©2010, 304 pages.
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