Big Secret of Songwriting: How to Write One Song a Day

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This Book Aims To Help Songwriters Eliminate Writer's Block Forever With One Simple Trick.

I know a girl who has already written about 200 songs, and she is only 18 years old. I was quite skeptical when I learned this. Yet when I listened to about 10 of her songs, I was impressed and even shocked because some of them were really good. As for me, I usually write about 10-20 songs a year. I began to consider the reasons for this because I am a composer with 30 years of experience, while she's just a young girl. For a while I had to quit writing songs and instead look at the art of HOW to write songs. Then, I came across an article about writing, and boom! I found it! I found the BIGGEST SECRET of SONGWRITING. I wrote nine songs in my first week. Some of them were really good.

This book helps to take a fresh look at the process of songwriting.

My name is Egils Petersons. I am a professional guitar player, singer, music composer, guitar instructor and recording artist from Latvia. My main songwriting influences are bands from the Progressive Rock but I've always loved all kinds of music, from: Rock to Pop, R&B to Hip-Hop. The purpose of my books is to help you, to inspire you and to challenge you to think of new ways to improve your lyric writing, songwriting and music composition. I truly believe that anyone can write a successful song!

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