Big Band Drumming at First Sight

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This book provides you with a comprehensive approach to improve your sight-reading skills in a big band setting. With advice on how to accompany different musical forms and playing styles, "Big Band Drumming at First Sight" gives you detailed information that will strengthen your ability to recognize band figures and beat patterns quickly and easily. The companion play-along MP3 CD features 10 arrangements of varying style with beat and figure examples extracted from each score that are "looped" or repeated several times for thorough study. ""©2011, Book & CD Jazz drummer, educator, author, and percussion product designer Steve Fidyk, has earned national and international acclaim as a performer, author, and educator. In addition to his many free-lance and guest artist appearances throughout the U.S. and abroad, he is the drummer with The Army Blues Jazz Ensemble in Washington D.C. and with Maureen McGovern, co-leads The Taylor/Fidyk Big Band (which he co-leads with Stan Kenton arranger Mark Taylor), and is a member of the Jazz Studies faculty at Temple University. He has performed throughout North America, the Middle East and the Far East in a wide variety of venues, including many high-profile national, international and military venues, and has appeared and presented at local, regional, and national music education conferences and conventions throughout the United States.