Beginner Guitar Lessons, Level 2 DVD

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This DVD shares all of the features of Beginner Guitar Lessons, Level 1 (MS1037) - For beginners of all ages, on acoustic and electric guitar alike, this DVD includes over 2 hours of lessons, and five song lessons. The lessons feature scrolling chords, lyrics, and looping features that allow you to learn songs by playing along at your own pace. Much of the DVD is formatted with the screen divided in four parts - the upper right shows the instructor in full view; the lower right shows his fretting hand; the lower left shows his strumming hand; and the upper left shows a static picture of the fretting hand on the relevant chord. As well, the instructor's pleasant singing voice, and the simple scrolling chords/lyrics idea are brilliantly executed Level 2 features: more intermediate techniques, and inlcudes rock, blues, country and even reggae songs! ©2006, DVD.