Become an Entrepreneur in the Music Business: First Edition

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Learn the ropes to become an entrepreneur and the next mogul in the music industry. Behind each superstar is a dedicated team of professionals, you will learn the roles of everyone responsible for the creation of these top Recording Artists. Management, Marketing, Promotions, Publicity, Publishing, Stylist, Label Executive and more. This book will break down job descriptions, earnings, and how to successfully pursue each facet of this fast paced multi-billion dollar industry. Learn the characteristics and traits of an entrepreneur and how to think like one. This book will also guide you to transition from your day job to becoming self employed and taking minimal financial risks. Authored by veteran Music Producer and Entrepreneur Tony Dofat best known for his work with Sean Combs and Bad Boy Worldwide.

Table of Contents:



1 Think Like an Entrepreneur

2 Developing an Entrepreneurial Mind

3 Entrepreneurs of The Music Industry

4 Ways to make money in Music

5 Management

6 Personal Assistant

7 Record Label CEO

8 Songwriting, Publishing & Admin

9 Musical Director & Musicians

10 Audio Engineer & Mixer

11 Record Producer

12 Executive producer and A&R

13 Music Marketing & Promotions

14 Publicity

15 Talent booking agent

16 Fashion & Celebrity Stylist




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