Beats for Beginners - Springboard Series

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So, you've been through your Basic Guitar Book 1, of your choice, and you're looking for some extra help on barre chords, playing rhythm guitar, strengthening your hands, learning how to harmonize, etc.? It's time for you to sit down with one of these new books, and learn the tips & tricks that will act as a "springboard" towards becoming a more confident and competent player! Each book is heavily illustrated, using diagrams wherever possible to simplify some admittedly complex areas of guitar instruction. Suitable for use with a teacher, or for self-teaching. Beats for Beginners - The Basics of Rhythm Guitar
Palm stopping and muting; ghost notes; reading music; legato and staccato quarter notes; muted strums; rock eighth-note strums; syncopation; triplets; sixteenth notes; swing rhythms. ©2006, 32 pages.