Basses Loaded Volume 3 - Blues Edition

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Basses Loaded: Volume 3, Blues Edition covers "Blues Bass" played in numerous styles including Chicago, Texas, Swing, Jazz, R&B and Jump Blues styles. You will learn Dominant 7th Music Theory and how it" s applied using Essential Blues Scales, Arpeggios and assorted Tone Sets. This Blues edition teaches the use of Blue Notes and Chromaticism in four "Shuffle" styles: Chicago-style, Texas-style, "Flat-Tire" & Jazz/Swing Shuffle. Blues bass chording & double stops are introduced with emphasis placed on assorted Blues Slur Techniques such as bends, hammer/pulls and slides, to name a few. As you learn the "5 Line Approaches" for building and improvising better "blues" bass lines, you" ll be playing the styles of Willie Dixon, Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, "Duck" Dunn, Tommy Shannon, Johnny B. Gayden, Roscoe Beck, Jerry Jemmott and many others. Basses Loaded, Volume 3 Blues Edition includes an instructional CD with over 35 tracks of lessons and rhythm section play-a-longs. Book & CD.