Basses Loaded Volume 1 - Essential Tools

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Basses Loaded: Essential Tools teaches basic rhythms, scales & arpeggios as well as how to apply them with basic application concepts. This will teach you 10 essential improvisational patterns applied in the styles of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, James Jamerson (Motown), No Doubt, Bob Marley, Black Sabbath, Cream, Miles Davis, The Clash, Nirvana, Santana, and many more! You" ll also learn 5 "Line Approaches" for building & improvising better bass lines and begin to grasp the Verse/Chorus song form. This "Essential Tools" edition includes an instructional CD with over 50 tracks of lessons and rhythm section play-a-longs. Note from the author, Mr. Rod Goelz: Basses Loaded: Volume 1 - Essential Tools lays the groundwork from which the entire series is based. This edition provides the essential tools for creating great bass lines, composed or improvised. We begin by learning the language of rhythm and then show you how this rhythm has been used with other bass instruments; from tuba, to string bass and then on to electric bass. We will then cover the essential melodic tools such as scales and arpeggios. You will also learn the ten essential patterns (some scales & some arpeggios) that are key to creating lines and show how these patterns have been put to use with samples in the styles of "No Doubt". Lastly, we'll introduce the "5 Line Approaches" for moving from chord to chord and how this theory is put to practical use. Book & CD.