Bass Soloing: A Look Inside Scales

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Although there are many fine scale books on the market, none of them are really for INSIDE the scales to explore the various intervals, harmonized scales in triads and diatonic 7ths, and neighbor tones to achieve some chromaticism. This book helps to employ multiple-use scales (modes) by superimposing them over the given chords to expand and color them. A variety of chord progressions, taken from various forms, are used in the ideas for soloing with a complete analysis. Covers harmonized scales of the major, ascending melodic minor and the harmonic minor. Explains how to go inside the scales, the nomenclature of each, such as the various intervals, neighbor tones, triads and diatonic 7ths that the scales generate, and most importantly, how to employ them in a music situation, such as soloing, rhythm section and composition. Written in standard notation and bass TAB. Free audio downloads are available for use with this title. ©2009, Level: Intermediate,