Basix Guitar Method 4

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What you should know before starting this book: Key of C: basic whole note values, half notes, quarter notes, dotted half notes; Key of G: basic note values and rests; Key of F: 8th notes and 8th rests; Key of A minor, dotted quarter notes; Key of E minor, dotted eights and sixteenths; triplets; high notes in Key of D; Syncopation; Key of A Major: sixteenth note arpeggios.What you will learn from Book 4 is: hammer-ons; calypso; Key of D minor; sixteenth notes and 6/8 time; Key of E major; using passing notes in the bass; diminished chords; pull-offs; augmented chords; slides; counterpoint... and much more. Accompanying CD includes all songs and examples. ©1997, 40 pages. Book & Compact Disc.