Basix Guitar Method 3

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What you should know before starting this book: All the notes in 1st position, including sharps and flats; the basic rhythms; the folllowing chords: F minor in its three-string form, C G G7 D7 and D minor in their 4-string forms, A minor in its 5-string form and E7 in its 6-string form. As well as understanding: pickups, tempo signs, bass/chord accompaniments, dynamics, crescendo & diminuendo, 1st and 2nd ending and syncopation.What you will learn in Book 3 is: 6/8 time, bass-chord accompaniment in the key of G, the key of D Major, the dotted 8th & 16th note rhythm, alternating bass notes, key of E Minor, sixteenth notes... and more. The accompanying CD includes all songs and examples. ©1997, Book & Compact Disc.