Basic Guitar - The TAB-only Method

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The title says it all - here is a phenomenal new modern guitar method - IN TABLATURE ONLY - aimed at the student who does not want to (or cannot seem to) learn to read traditional music notation! For many younger students, tablature is their preferred - and only - way of learning music. Although learning to read standard notation creates opportunities that tab-only reading cannot, the truth of the matter is that books such as Basic Guitar may be the only chance to reach an increasingly tab-obsessed new generation. Fortunately, Basic Guitar is a thorough method - covering everything from the basics up through complex chords, fingerstyle playing, lead guitar and blues techniques. The book also teaches the reading of rhythms, to take students one step closer to standard notation. Completely illustrated with dozens of photos and diagrams, and accompanied by an 83-track CD with recordings of all of the exercises, Basic Guitar - The TAB-only Method is one book that will not scare off potential players. ©2006, 96 pages. Book & CD.