Basic Bass Workout

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Traditionally seen as a last refuge for people who can" t play guitar very well, today bass playing is a creative, virtuosic skill. Bassists are fronting bands and taking both the instrument and playing techniques into new dimensions, stretching the design of the bass guitar to its very limit. Once restricted to providing a foundation for the rhythm section, the bass has now become a vital part of most modern music. Via a series of graduated exercises, respected performer and tutor Stuart Clayton gives the lowdown on fingerstyle and plucking and teaches you how to slap the strings like Mark King! Whether you" re a beginner looking to buy your first guitar or a seasoned professional hoping to enhance your playing skills, Basic Bass Workout is all you need to become a master on the four-string powerhouse.
  • A vital guide covering everything from bass history to advanced slap techniques
  • Fast track to bass proficiency with essential tips from a renowned bass tutor. ©2005, 272 pages.