Banjo for Dummies - 2nd Edition

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Format: Softcover & Online Media

ISBN: 9781119731382

Here's the quick way to get pickin' with the best of 'em

The banjo is both a staple of old-time music and an instrument that makes frequent cameos in today's chart toppers. Whatever your musical leanings, Banjo For Dummies will show you how to pick your way around your instrument, even if you have zero musical background! With a little practice--and the easy-to-follow instructions in this book--you can learn your way around the banjo, try out various musical styles, and discover what banjo culture is all about.

Think of this For Dummies guide as your personal banjo tutor, as you learn how to buy, tune, hold, play, and have fun with your five-string. You can also go beyond the book with online video lessons and audio files that will get you picking even faster. Follow the guidance of respected banjo performer Bill Evans and soon you may find yourself jamming with a band or rubbing elbows with the pros at your local bluegrass festival.

  • Learn the basics of banjo: how to strum chords, pick notes, and read tablature
  • Add new styles to your repertoire, including clawhammer, three-finger styles, vamping, and classic banjo
  • Play bluegrass music and learn how to network at festivals
  • Choose the banjo and accessories that work for you, and discover how to keep them in good shape

Banjo For Dummies is for anyone who want to learn to play the five-string banjo or brush up on banjo-playing skills. No experience required! ©2020, 384 pages