Band in Your Hand - The Six String Rhythm Section DVD

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Publisher: Grossman's Guitar Workshop

Format: DVD

Difficulty: Intermediate
UPC: 796279114394
The purpose of this lesson is to demonstrate ways to use the acoustic guitar in a support role with techniques other than typical strumming and/or pattern picking. The idea is to have the guitar be not just in the ensemble but become, the entire band while still allowing room for lead and other instruments.

Grooves and motifs will be established and elaborated upon by:

1.  Using both familiar and unconventional fingerings to explain open and closed chord voicings and adding multiple-string hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides as part of the left-hand mix.

2.   Giving the right hand a more diverse role by having the thumb take on bass part and embellishment duties while fingers take on their own unique melodic & support tasks.

3. Borrowing a trick or 2 from the “Book of Telecaster.” 

Stylistically, the music used to accomplish the above is drawn from Folk, Blues, Pop, R&B, & Funk. It is my hope that understanding, and mastery of the concepts and maneuvers shown on this recording will help expand musical horizons and the enjoyment of fingerstyle guitar playing. ©2019,


UPC: 796279114394