Audio Production Worktext - Concepts, Techniques, and Equipment, 9th Edition

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Format: Paperback

Audio Production Worktext, 9th Edition provides readers the best introduction to audio and radio production. It shows how to navigate modern radio production studios and utilize the latest equipment and software. The 9th edition is updated to cover new mobile technologies, digital consoles, and audio editing apps and software, as well sound for the visual media and Internet radio. The new edition continues to include the worktext/website format tailored for both students and teachers and features like Production Tips that provide notes relevant to various audio production topics, self-study questions and projects, an updated Glossary, and an up-to-date companion website with invaluable student and instructor materials. Included in this edition are offers and features from Pro Sound Effects,, and RadioFX, as well as updated color graphics and images throughout the text.

©2019, 260 pages


1. Production Planning

2. The Studio Environment

3. Digital Audio Production

4. The Audio Console

5. Microphones

6. Digital Audio Players/Recorders

7. Monitor Speakers and Studio Accessories

8. Signal Processing Equipment

9. Production Situations

10. Location Sound Recording

11. Sound Production for the Visual Media

12. Internet Radio and Other Distribution Platforms. Glossary. Appendix: Analog and Digital Audio Equipment