Audio Production Tips - Getting the Sound Right at the Source

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Product Overview

Audio Production Tips: Getting the Sound Right at the Source provides practical and accessible information detailing the production processes for recording today’s bands. By demonstrating how to "get the sound right at the source," author Peter Dowsett lays the appropriate framework to discuss the technical requirements of optimizing the sound of a source. Through its coverage of critical listening, pre-production, arrangement, drum tuning, gain staging and many other areas of music production, Audio Production Tips allows you to build the wide array of skills that apply to the creative process of music production. Broken into two parts, the book first presents foundational concepts followed by more specific production advice on a range of instruments.

Key features:

    • Important in-depth coverage of music theory, arrangement and its applications.


    • Real life examples with key references to the author’s music production background.


    • Presents concepts alongside the production of a track captured specifically for the book.





Chapter 1: Production Philosophies, Your Ears and Critical Listening

Chapter 2: Project Management and Pre-Production

Chapter 3: Basic Music Theory

Chapter 4: Song Structure, Lyrics and Melody

Chapter 5: Advanced Music Theory

Chapter 6: Arrangement and Orchestration

Chapter 7: Demystifying Recording Levels

Chapter 8: Microphone, Pre-Amp and Live Room Choice

Chapter 9: The Critical Listening Environment

Chapter 10: Decision-Making and General Recording Techniques

Chapter 11: Tracking Drums

Chapter 12: Tracking Electric and Bass Guitar

Chapter 13: Tracking Other Instrumentation

Chapter 14: Tracking Vocals


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