Audio Post-Production In Your Project Studio

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Product Overview

When any kind of soundtrack is added to a picture track, whether it's the dialog of a movie, a jingle to a commercial, or the multimedia track of an online or CD-ROM video, the soundtrack is added after the movie itself is produced. This process, called audio post-production, used to require huge audio post-production facilities with massive film and/or video synchronizing machines and other expensive hardware. These days, professional audio post-production can be done using inexpensive hardware and software inside a home or project studio. Audio Post Production in Your Project Studio teaches you how to produce professional quality audio post -production projects using these readily available tools. Topics of discussion include software editing, software effects, software mixing, monitoring, software mastering, information on running a successful project studio, and much more. Instruction is presented using a non-software specific approach, the techniques discussed are applicable to any Digital Audio Workstation you choose to work with. ©2007, 448 pages.