Atomic Rock Guitar DVD

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Trey Alexander, winner of Guitar Player" s Guitar Superstar award, opens up his big bag of improvisational, theoretical and technical chops to reveal the blazing techniques and high-level concepts that he has cultivated over years of intensive study, live performances and a tenacious dedication to his craft. Atomic Rock guides your development of the essential skills needed to succeed in today" s modern rock arena. You" ll learn fretboard navigation concepts and a variety of right and left hand techniques to facilitate easy movement both vertically and horizontally across the neck. Trey also drills down on a wide range of improvisational skills that will help you develop strong melodic statements and distinctive rhythmic grooves. Atomic Rock covers a broad range of modern rock concepts, including Trey" s award-winning "Modern Equivalent." This course is designed to expose you to the variety of contemporary grooves, rhythmic patterns, techniques, phrasing and theoretical approaches that today" s rock guitarist must master. You" ll work through ballads, up-tempo power grooves and jazz rock styles and also study expressive devices such as legato, tapping, sweep-picking and the use of harmonics to enhance a tune" s melodic structure, avoiding shred for shred" s sake. Atomic Rock is a hands-on playing course, you'll be rockin" out from the very first lesson and will quickly develop a raging addiction to your Atomic Rock practice sessions. Hands-On Learning Tools included with Atomic Rock Guitar: Text Lesson Guide, Standard Notation, Guitar Tab, Power Tab Files, Power Tab Software, Practice Rhythm Tracks, Bonus Material. Secure PIN enclosed in DVD package for quick and secure download of learning tools. 94 minutes DVD.