Assistant Engineer Handbook - Gigs In The Recording Studio

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From gopher to gold records. This book is your complete reference for technical careers in the recording studio. Whether you" re still in high school, enrolled in a college of music or recording program, or about to embark on your first studio internship, you" ll refer to this manual again and again. You" ll find real-world advice every aspiring recording engineer / producer needs to land a studio gig and keep it. Features: First-hand stories and advice from the top engineers and studio managers in the United States. Descriptions of the various technical jobs that are available in the recording industry. Hefty resource section packed with essential information""¿½ï¿½everything from a comprehensive list of educational facilities to resume and cover letter tips. Sarah Jones is Technical Editor of Mix Magazine in Emeryville, California. She" s written hundreds of articles about the recording business and has interviewed virtually all of the top-name engineers and producers. She has a degree in Sound Recording Technology and Music Business from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. ©2004, 192 pages.