Anthology of Dimitris Fampas Music for Guitar

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This anthology features Dimitris Fampas' guitar music one of Greece's most celebrated classical guitarists-composers and a professor. His artistry reached far beyond the borders of his country and for a long time he was considered one of the world's leading performers. Also acclaimed as a composer, he enriched the guitar repertoire with many wonderful and original works, full of beautiful melodies and lively, exciting rhythms, mainly influenced by his native country's musical tradition. Guitarists of all levels will discover and enjoy the originality and beauty of Fampas' works as well as the quality of the compositions which cover a variety of styles. From the first piece "Triplet Memory" (to Emilio Pujol) which is filled with Latin American influences to the last short, but very attractive tremolo "The Windsong, " his music stands as a very romantic, colorful being skillfully written for the guitar. Also includes two rhythmic and lively Greek dances "Sirtos" and "Ballos, " the very pleasing "Waltz, " "Reverie" and "3 Songs for Guitar, " and the easily played "Sentimental Preludes, " "Romanza" and "Variations for Evgenia." Enjoy the inspiring "Heart-felt Conversation with A. "Segovia" and "The Segovia's Portrait" dedicated to Andr's Segovia as well as the romantic and exciting "A Lafkos' Faire." This whole collection has been compiled, revised (since some of the works presented here were found unfinished or still in a preparation level) and fingered by guitarist, professor Eva Fampas, the composer's daughter. ©2009, Level: Intermedaite, 96 pages.