Anthology of Contest Fiddle Tunes

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Here is a collection of 59 fiddle tunes from the rich contest fiddle tradition. Carr has collected unique variations of breakdowns, tunes-of-choice and waltzes from a who's-who of great first generation fiddlers including Benny Thommason, Major Franklin, Norman Soloman, Terry Morris, James "Texas Shorty" Chancellor and others. Many tunes appear here for the first time. Included is a special discussion of authentic bowing. Accompanying CD played by champion fiddler Aarun Carter.
  • 59 Contest fiddle tunes
  • Breakdowns, tunes-of-choice and waltzes
  • Collected from a who's who of first generation fiddlers
  • Includes CD recorded by champion fiddler Aarun Carter
  • Many tunes available here for the first time ©2009, Book & CD. Difficulty: Intermediate, 72 pages.
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