Animal Sketches for Solo Piano

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Format: Softcover

Difficulty: Beginning-Intermediate
These musical sketches were written to provide a variety of styles that are fun to play and yet sound harder than they are. Each solo represents a familiar animal that walks slow, jumps or runs fast. This will stimulate the students imagination helping them play and interpret each piece easily. This collection of 16 new piano solos will introduce piano students to a variety of musical styles. These pieces were composed with love for all my piano students and the hope that students everywhere will enjoy playing them as much as I have enjoyed composing them. ©2019, 32 pages
The Bunny Ballerina
The Puppy’s Palindrome
Dancing Bear
The Tiger’s Tarantella
Elephant’s Etude
The Busy Beaver
Kangaroo Waltz
The Classical Camel
Lion’s Lullaby
The Zebra
The Monkey’s Minuet
Squirrel Scherzo
The Jazzy Giraffe
The Cat’s Canon
Run, Cheetah, Run 
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs