An Introduction to Musical Styles: Drums DVD

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Product Overview

You want to learn the drums and you want to learn it now! The quickest way to learning songs is learning to play in different styles. This series takes the fundamentals of the #1 instructional music video (Ultimate Beginner Series) and combines it with the most revolutionary way of learning great songs (SongXpress) in order to create a path of learning designed to get you up and playing in no time. Whether it's blues, latin, or good old rock 'n' roll, there are certain concepts and fundamentals that are common to all contemporary songs in their genre. This DVD will teach you the elements of a basic song in each style so you can apply them to your playing and learn hundreds of songs like it. Skills Include: * Body positioning * Proper stick technique * Basic grooves * Fills * Playing in time * Advanced rhythms and much more! Special Features Include: Performance Only * Artist Video Previews * Additional Video Tips * Inspiring Drummers Series Video Preview * Listening Recommendations * Internet Connectivity. ©2002. DVD.