An Easy Guide to Piano

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This beautifully illustrated, informative book includes information on:
  • Origin and inner workings of the piano;
  • Reading music;
  • Technical exercises and practice tips;
  • History of piano music and its composers (including renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary, pop and jazz styles;) Includes:Franck: Trois Petites Pieces, #2; Bach: Prelude in C; Handel: Gavotte; Mozart: Kleine Klavierstuck; Clementi: Valse en forme de Rondeau; Schumann: Excerpt from "Album for the Young"; Brahms: Waltz Op. 39 #9; Khatchaturian: Andantino; When the Saints Go Marching In; Joplin: The Entertainer (simplified); Greensleeves (piano/vocal); What shall we do with the drunken sailor? (piano/vocal);
  • Buying a piano and finding a teacher;
  • Glossary of terms. ©2005, 96 pages.