Amplified: A Design History of the Electric Guitar

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Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781789142747

"For me, a truly compelling, fact-packed read all about how guitars are made, look, sound, and play. Atkinson admirably recounts a century of history, invention, and experimentation by experts and amateurs of a revolutionary instrument. Highly recommended for anyone who has a guitar, and for anyone who wants one."--KT Tunstall, singer-songwriter and guitarist

 "Atkinson has put a fantastically exhaustive amount of work into this book for all of us global guitar nerds to enjoy. It's so much fun to dive into it full immersion, and glean everything from details on iconic artist guitars to strange inventions from creatives on the fringe!"--Jennifer Batten, guitarist (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)

 "A great resource for all guitar players, tinkerers, and enthusiasts. Atkinson's well-researched book provides essential and fascinating facts of this unique instrument's development over the course of more than a century."--Paul Brett, rock guitarist, journalist, guitar designer

 "Atkinson has dug deep into the history of the electric guitar to create a detailed view of the ways in which makers and musicians have tried--and in many cases succeeded--to move its design forward. This engaging new book will be required reading for anyone interested in the development of one of the most popular and revolutionary instruments ever created."--Tony Bacon, guitar historian and author

An in-depth look at the invention and development of the electric guitar, this book explores how the electric guitar's design has changed and what its design over the years has meant for its sound. A heavily illustrated history with amps turned up to eleven, Amplified celebrates this beloved instrument and reveals how it has evolved through the experiments of amateur makers and part-time tinkerers. Digging deep into archives and featuring new interviews with makers and players, it will find admirers in all shredders, luthiers, and fans of electric sound. ©2021, 288 pages