American Primitive Guitar

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Series: Grossman Audio
Product Number: 99802M
Format: Softcover & Online Audio
ISBN: 978-15134-6694-1
In this series for the intermediate guitarist, John Fahey teaches a wide variety of instrumental solos. Critics have called John's style American Primitive Guitar. The book includes tablature and notation with access to online audio featuring note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction.
LESSON ONE: A general discussion of pattern picking and the use of the alternate bass. In Christ There Is No East Or WestTake A Look At That Baby and Some Summer Day.
LESSON TWO: One of John's most requested multi-sectioned composition is Indian Pacific Railroad Blues, also known as Beverley. This tune demonstrates how John composes in the fingerpicking idiom. Also taught is another very requested and imitated instrumental, John's The Last Steam Engine Train.
LESSON THREE: When The Springtime Comes Again and The Approaching Of The Disco Void. A discussion of improvisational ideas in relationship to fingerstyle compositions concludes this lesson. ©2021, 56 pages


Blood On The Tracks by Edwin Pouncey
Explanation of the Tab System
In Christ There Is No East Or West
Take A Look At That Baby
Some Summer Day
Indian Pacific Railroad Blues
The Last Steam Engine Train
When The Springtime Comes Again
The Approaching Of The Disco Void
Audio Track Listings