Aluminium Structures in the Entertainment Industry

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The title aims to educate the reader in all aspects of the design and safe usage of temporary and permanent aluminium structures specific to the entertainment industry - such as roof structures, PA towers, temporary staging etc. It places emphasis on the safety aspects and focuses on prevention rather than cure of problems and shows many working examples of the engineering calculations required to design safe structures. Examples are quoted in metric and imperial measurements in order to appeal to readers on both sides of the Atlantic. As a qualified structural engineer, the author has seen the use of aluminium structures mushroom over the years, and many of these are now so complex that they need to be treated with same degree of professionalism as permanent buildings. Peter Hind's title covers a diversity of topics including the science of load assessment, factors of safety and elementary structural theory as well as providing practical examples from popular concert tours and other entertainment situations. "Aluminium Structures in the Entertainment Industry" will have a wide appeal and is of particular interest to riggers, users, owners and anyone about to purchase, or involved in the maintenance of trusses, towers and other aluminium structures. To date it is the only publication on the subject, and the title is set to become the standard reference work in its field. Contents:
Aknowledgements; Introduction
1. Aluminium
2. Basic Structural Theory
3. Structural Response
4. Trusses and Tower Sections
5. Design Standards
6. Factors of Safety
7. Assessment of Loads
8. Existing Structures
9. Tower Stability Theory and Ground Support
10. Ground Conditions, Foundations and Anchors
11. Adequacy of a Typical Grid Structure
12. Outdoor Structures and Wind Loading
13. Stages; 14 User Information and Inspections
15. Safety Issues
16. The Future; Glossary of Terms; Bibliography & Further Reading ©2001, 194 pages.