All Music Guide to Hip-Hop

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From the irresistible party jams of old-school rap to the gritty sound of hardcore, hip-hop has electrified the music world and influenced global culture like nothing else. The "All Music Guide to Hip-Hop" features over 3, 100 reviews and ratings, highlighting the essential albums and songs from nearly 1, 200 artists, including legends of rap and hip-hop like Grandmaster Flash and 2Pac as well as contemporary hit-makers like Jay-Z and Eminem. This complete, concise and authoritative guide includes: music maps charting the evolution of hip-hop, including its styles and biggest performers, biographies of the most influential hip-hop artists and exciting new performers, reviews and ratings for the best recordings of each performer, plus the essential collections by various artists, and critics' choices for the best place to start exploring each artist. ©2003, 646 pages.