All Music Guide to Classical Music

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The All Music Guide to Classical Music is the definitive source for composers, compositions, and genres. The book contains over 500 composer and 800 performer biographies, from traditional names like Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Bach to surprising entries like Brian Eno and Pete Townshend (for ambient music, which influenced the Minimalist movement, and the rock opera Tommy, respectively). Each artist entry includes vital statistics and album recommendations. The book covers thousands of compositions, including operas, symphonies, concerti, and ballets, and it includes 23 essays devoted to classical music's major eras, forms, and genres. Choral works, songs, keyboard works, chamber music, and film scores receive dedicated sections. Includes 4, 000 descriptions of composers' works and 12, 000 recordings recommended by All Music Guide editors. ©2005, 1608 pages.