Alfred Jazz Play-Along Series, Vol. 3: Brubeck & More

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Instrumentation: C, B-Flat, E-Flat & Bass Clef Instruments The Alfred Jazz Play-Along Series goes beyond the other play-alongs! Some of the best jazz tunes are arranged in an educational and fun setting, with sophisticated recordings by some of the top musicians in the country. Each volume has parts for C, Bb, Eb and bass clef instruments and includes a sample jazz solo that is written-out for you to listen to, play and practice. The included CD has two tracks for each tune; demo and play-along track. The demo track, featuring a pro rhythm section and horn player, is a learning tool for the melodic concept, overall jazz style and the sample jazz solo. The play-along track allows a soloist or group to learn and perform with the rhythm section. Specific improvisation tips and suggestions are included. A jazz solo is written out for each song, an invaluable asset that makes learning how to improvise easier. There is also a matching book for rhythm section featuring piano, bass and drum parts! Nine great tunes=great jazz! Titles: Alone Together * Good Bait * How High the Moon * In Your Own Sweet Way * Invitation * It" s a Raggy Waltz * Old Devil Moon * Robbin" s Nest * Unit 7. ©2010, Book & CD.