AirTurn TAP Bluetooth Page Turner

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Product Overview

Publisher: AirTurn

So what if you're a drummer and your hands and feet are busy? The AirTurn TAP provides a piezo interface that takes a tap from a finger or drum stick to trigger an event. Using all the same features as the BT-106 series transceiver, the TAP brings easy-to-use page turning and events to drummers and other active percussion players. Comes with all mounting hardware to mount on any post up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Position can be set at any angle and height.

AirTurn continues to grow their Pro-Sumer line of wireless controllers with the TAP. Turn the pages of your digital documents wirelessly, with the AirTurn TAP Bluetooth controller! The TAP connects via Bluetooth to your Mac, PC, or tablet computer (Android or iOS). Use it to manage your sheet music while you're drumming or playing percussion. Simply give it light tap from a finger or drum stick, and you're on to the next page! TAP can even control audio playback. You are only limited by the hundreds of apps that work with the Pro-Sumer line of AirTurn wireless controllers.