Afro-Cuban Rhythms - Gig Savers Complete Edition

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Format: Book

Difficulty: Intermediate

Afro-Cuban Rhythms: Gig Savers Complete Edition combines both of Trevor Salloum's popular previous editions.

The material is designed for the intermediate to advanced percussionist who has some basic understanding of percussion notation. Part one is a collection of traditional rhythms ideal for a percussion ensemble or for the individual who wants to learn the authentic parts of each rhythm. The material is presented in a concise and user-friendly style. Part one includes information on Clave, Tumbao for one and two drums, Yamb, Guaguanc (Havana), Guaguanc (Matanzas), Rumba columbia, Conga (Havana), Conga (Matanzas) and Conga (Santiago).

Part two is structured just like part one, but covers a different set of rhythms: Bembe, Makuta, Yuka, Palo, Arar, Abaku (Havana), Abaku (Matanzas), Gag, Vud and Iyesa. All rhythms presented in this edition are easily adapted to conga drums and Afro-Cuban hand percussion.

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